Our South Florida Recovery Center

Every single day we talk to people who are calling about their loved ones. Moms, dads, wives, husbands, fathers, grandparents and friends all reaching out to find out what they can do to help the person dying a slow death from addiction. They know they need help and can’t do this alone, but aren’t trained to identify the individual needs that will place their loved one in the proper treatment program so the addiction can stop. We are.

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” plan for recovery. Each of our clients has an individualized treatment plan based on a face-to-face assessment with our clinical therapists. We address specific needs and personal goals, allowing clients to create their foundation for lifelong recovery. Our treatment process includes 12-Step principles, life skills classes, group and individual therapy sessions and family sessions. We are structured to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of recovery.

We have countless options to get you the care you need and will work with your health insurance company as well as provide options for those without health insurance. This is the only way to save the life of your loved one. We’re here to help.

The Reality

We all know there is a drug epidemic going on. Heroin destroys lives. Prescription medications get abused. Meth labs are everywhere. We’ve been there too. But we’re firmly standing in the light from the darkness of addiction and are committed to helping you realize that you never have to feel this way again. We are here to empower you, to educate you and to give you hope. We’re not here to point fingers, we’re here to hold you accountable and to save your life.

We Know It’s Not Easy

We get it. We have been there ourselves. We can’t predict how the conversation is going to go when you finally confront your loved one. But we can predict the future if you don’t. They will lose every material possession they own. They will lose their sanity and health, and then they will die. They may be furious with you the first few weeks of treatment, but they are alive, aren’t they? It takes courage to help the person that you love go into treatment and become accountable. But you are stronger than the addiction and we’re here to help you beat it.

Why Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

  • Allows clients to stabilize in a supportive and structured environment
  • Promotes achievement of realistic goals
  • Provides a community of support and accountability
  • Instills the coping skills necessary for a life beyond recovery from addiction and alcoholism

Advantages of PHP Treatment

  • Individual is in a highly structured sober living environment
  • Group, individual, and family therapy five days a week
  • Highly trained clinical team works closely with both patient and family
  • Clients receive weekly Medical and Psychiatric appointments as well as medication management