We’ve Been There And We Understand

Every day we talk to people who are calling about their loved ones. Moms, dads, wives, husbands, fathers, grandparents and friends all reaching out to find out what they can do to help the person dying a slow death from addiction. They know they need help and can’t do this alone, but aren’t trained to identify the individual needs and therapies that will help their loved one find freedom. We are.

A Personalized Recovery Program

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” plan for recovery. Each of our clients has an individualized treatment plan based on a face-to-face assessment with our clinical therapists.  We address specific needs and personal goals, allowing clients to create their foundation for lifelong recovery. Our treatment process includes 12-Step principles, life skills classes, group and individual therapy sessions and family sessions. We are structured to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of recovery.

Advantages of PHP Care:

  • Individual lives in a highly structured, sober environment.
  • Sessions are conducted by certified clinical therapists.
  • Individual therapy is augmented by group therapies specific to the patient’s needs.
  • Professionals versed in multiple disciplines work with both the patient and family.


Clients will have the opportunity to attend smaller, more intimate groups with their therapist and peers where they can build close, personal, and enduring relationships. The setting allows for greater accountability, the building of trust, and interpersonal growth.


Follows the traditional 12-step model of recovery, addressing the disease of addiction, stages of recovery, family dynamics, relapse prevention and life skills. Clients participate in daily AA/NA meetings and work with a sponsor.


Many life circumstances predominate in women as a group, which requires a specialized treatment approach. Research has shown that physical and sexual trauma followed by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more common in drug-abusing women seeking treatment. Following a traditional program, we offer groups unique to the issues faced by women in recovery.


We offer intensive, small intimate psychotherapy groups led by a team of licensed professionals using eclectic therapeutic approaches. Groups are closed in membership in order to allow clients a safe, secure setting to go deeper in processing therapeutic issues.


Uses the creative process to improve and enhance emotional well-being. The creative process facilitates healing, help build self-esteem, resolves conflicts, manage unwanted feelings and behaviors, reduces stress and increase self-awareness.

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