A Sober Transitional Living Facility, also referred to as Recovery Residence, Sober House, and incorrectly referred to as a Halfway House, is a place where people in recovery can live while learning to live a sober lifestyle. Structure is set in place to help someone in recovery transition from a life of addictive behavior to a life of sobriety.

The first thirty to ninety days of recovery has proven to be a time vulnerable to relapse. It is crucial to provide those in early sobriety with the preventative measures proven to be successful in recovery. A dedicated effort is necessary after treatment to provide a smooth transition into a challenging environment. If you are convinced that a structured program of continued recovery is your goal, a Recovery Residence will help. It is the goal of Sober Living Facilities to aid in transforming our residents into the best version of themselves possible- giving back the sons and daughters that mothers and fathers have missed out on, and enabling growth that leads to an unimaginably bright and successful future.

There are many options when it comes to finding the right Recovery Residence. South Florida Recovery Center works with many Sober Living Facilities to ensure the best treatment, and to make sure that the condition of living is condusive to a successful recovery and trasition to a productive lifestyle. No two Sober Living Facilites are alike; many garner different regulations and expectations, living conditions and styles, and different views about many aspects of recovery.

South Florida Recovery Center has its roots in highly successful Transitional Living. As such, we know what it takes to provide a happy, healthy, and productive transition to a sober lifestyle. Below are links to some of the houses, whom with we work with directly, that also carry great standards for success:

Our Preferred Sober Living Facility: Cameron Villas

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